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This is just amazing enviado por Naea a las 2014-01-30 16:20:47

This is just amazing Brent, Having wroekd with you I can honestly say you are the best Travel Stylist I know!! you have so much knowledge , First hand experience and most of all make it all about the customer!! You are amazing and look forward to following your blog as you travel to all those wonderful locations and fab resorts and boutique hotels Wow Wow Wow xxxx
After spending about enviado por Alexander a las 2014-01-30 23:19:49

After spending about 4-5 days (pathetic, I know ..but I'm very truohogh) researching irons a few years back (and getting the Black & Decker D2020, which I was very satisfied with), I now needed a new one. Fortunately, my previous research narrowed the playing field to B&D's and Rowenta's, so I was able to conclude my research much quicker this time. After going through each model that each company makes, and reading all reviews on the Amazon site for each model at least twice, and looking at comments at several other sites as well, I concluded the following:1. The B&D D2020 was a very unique iron in that the percentage of positive reviews it received compared to negative ones were astonishing .and all it cost was $35. Unfortunately, they discontinued the model several years back, and none of the new models even come close to the D2020. The newer models, (the D6000 series in particular) are bulkier, don't work nearly as well, and have a strange water filling position where you need to hold the hot iron while you fill it. Still, if you need a good iron and are only willing to pay $40, this is the iron you want.2. The Rowenta DW8080 is the best iron on the market today for $100 or less.3. There are a couple of issues like a. a similarly strange water filling position .which ended up not bothering me nearly as much as I originally thought it would b. The handle is rather thick for an iron. It didn't bother me in the slightest, but it may bother someone with tiny hands c. The cord is short, as others have mentioned, but if you have an outlet relatively close to the ironing board (as I'm sure most people do), it's a non-issue d. The iron needs constant, and I mean constant, refilling of water. This is directly related to the amount of steam and water spray you use, and I use a ton of it. I end up having to refill the water tank every 2 shirts. If you use starch instead of spray, or don't like steam, it may last like 4-5 shirts before needing a refill. e. Durability. I have only had the iron for about a month so it's too early to tell how long it may last, but several people complained that it died or leaked terribly after about 12-18 months. However, bear in mind that if the iron works fine for a few years, virtually noone will come back to write a review saying that it's a good iron that lasted a long time. You will generally only hear long-term feedback/complaints from those whose irons died early f. The spray button is on the right of the steam surge button, which is a bit strange, but its not that hard to get used to. g. The iron is not digital, and the transition from a digital iron to this is a bit strange as you feel you are taking a step-down , even though, in all likelihhod, it's a better iron than your previous one.4. If you want the best possible product after ironing and are not concerned with any of the above issues, this is the iron you want to get, hands down. The shirts look amazing, better than they would look after the dry cleaners, and as someone who frequently re-irons shirts after they come back from the cleaners, I would know. The ironing itself is very enjoyable with the DW8080 as the steam is so powerful that you see the burst coming through the other side of the ironing board, and it looks a bit like the Broadway shows where the floor is covered in steam or fog. It's a powerful machine and very enjoyable to operate. I thought the B&D D2020 had a lot of steam, but this has significantly more and the clothing come out much, much better than they did with the B&D.5. Unless the price of the DW9080 comes down, I don't think their claims of 30% more steam justify the 30% increase in price. I am very happy with the DW8080 and believe that it produces as much steam as anyone could ever want. Similarly, there are many complaints with the cheaper Rowenta models made in China. I would avoid those and go with this model instead.Hope you enjoyed the review!
Every the rowenta enviado por Mohamed a las 2014-01-31 12:21:04

Every the rowenta cuosrmets got nothing to say but the power chord failure. Its better not to ship back and get repaired they as the shipping costs are quite high cuz of the weight of the box. The best option they say is buy a new one.
Hi Hil! I use this o enviado por Joseziitho a las 2014-02-01 03:17:42

Hi Hil! I use this one all the time on my bengaline deserss. You may have to go over it a couple times for tough (packaging) creases but most of my deserss from Pinup Girl are this material & never had any issues. Hope this helps
I was looking rwieve enviado por Brian a las 2014-02-01 06:26:53

I was looking rwieves of irons to get one for home need. I am happy to go through this blog which makes me feel to order this Rowenta iron which may be effective in ironing even thick clothes.
Sixa8hka to prwto, d enviado por Yasuhito a las 2014-02-01 12:37:10

Sixa8hka to prwto, den yparxei petiprwsh na pathsw sto deytero.To Iron Man telika ta espage trela. Respect entatik gia olo to xrono den exw ksanadei pio gamw superhero-movie.To Speed Racer htan mia geloia tsixlofouska. Kairos na skasei.P.S. Exw neyra fainetai e?P.S.2 Ferw toulaxiston th diafora stis apopseis peri Narnia :P
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HilJust curious, how enviado por Jolie a las 2014-02-07 11:45:50

HilJust curious, how efecftive is this on heavier-duty fabrics? I've seen steamers used before on materials that are too delicate to iron, but how would they go on something like stretch bengaline (which half my wardrobe seems to be made of)?
What a enviado por Shiho a las 2014-02-07 13:47:43

What a pleuasre to find someone who thinks through the issues
Your article enviado por Putra a las 2014-02-07 14:23:11

Your article pectfrely shows what I needed to know, thanks!
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