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Learning a ton from enviado por Milica a las 2014-02-01 15:14:56

Learning a ton from these neat arlcstei.
Damn, I wish I could enviado por Shivling a las 2014-02-03 02:55:23

Damn, I wish I could think of sonithemg smart like that!
TYVM you've solved a enviado por Gerrie a las 2014-02-03 18:01:05

TYVM you've solved all my prleboms
WAIT! HOLD THE PRESS enviado por Produc a las 2014-02-03 18:54:37

WAIT! HOLD THE PRESSES! Is that a Gator t shirt I see? In GA land, LOLOLOLOL--SORRY, you know I had to say something about that.Hey, great pics!!! TYVM for srnhiag.
I think every single enviado por Marjelyn a las 2014-02-03 20:47:33

I think every single one of your posts ought to be arwaded for one reason or another. I suppose I'd better come up with some kind of new, special, just-for-you award, now, to back up my words with something. not that I've ever bothered to do it before (back up my words) so why would I freakin' start now?p.s. OH GOD nooooo on the dentistry. I'm so so so sorry. would it help if I brought over some cake to -- uh, heh. yeah. that was inappropriate.look what happens when Debbie doesn't comment for awhile. she totally forgets her manners and blows chunks all over nice people's comment sections. sorry, lady. I mean well, fer realz.xoxox
Excellent, excellent enviado por Sharon a las 2014-02-04 09:16:46

Excellent, excellent atlcire, and I'm just now getting into the comments. I think most of you are missing one key element: God sometimes puts us in situations we normally wouldn't find ourselves in, in order to do His Will. It's kind of like what a writer does when he puts his character in a difficult situation to enhance the plot. God does something similar to either help US grow as believers, but also to show His Will through us. We seldom really see that part of what's going on while it's happening, but it exists. Occasionally we determine that's what happened afterwards, but not always. I know I've been in some of those situations, and I HOPE I did what He wanted me to do. It's all a part of that little bit there at the end of the Lord's Prayer, Thy Will be done . Not everything God does has to be a miracle, nor does everything He wishes to be done have to be done by saints OR HIM. He uses every tool He possesses, including us battered and broken ones here on Earth.In that vein, I acknowledge that God has been pushing me for some time now to be more active for Him not so much as one who spreads the word, but as one that comforts the afflicted and the troubled, and to serve the Internet communities I belong to as a friend, listener, and someone who will pray for those that request it. I have never restricted God in my books (in several places, I've even pushed His message), but at the same time I know pushing, especially pushing HARD, will detract from the message of hope that's there, even in the midst of bad times.
Reading Cyn's point enviado por Dewi a las 2014-02-04 15:27:29

Reading Cyn's point below, however, I suohld point out that St. Athanasius also wrote St. Anthony the Abbot's biography. St. Anthony was constantly afflicted by demons, to the point that he got pretty bored by them, but his being unharmed by them was not necessarily what others would consider unharmed. He never lost his faith or was made intolerably afraid; but he did get beaten up to the point of almost getting killed, at one point in his early career. He was then miraculously healed and had great experience in how to resist demons' nastiness; but there are some pretty unpleasant and dangerous things that happened later, too.There's a big speech he makes to the monks in the biography, in one of those typical let's sum up the teacher's teachings bits you get in classical lit. Basically, a monk who stays in spiritual training, receives the Sacraments, confesses sin, resists vice, and trusts in God is not going to get spiritually harmed by demons. But then, this presupposes that you're okay with getting brutally persecuted by demons as severely as Christians earlier were brutally persecuted by pagans, and that being tested to the point of being almost a martyr is a great outcome. (Demons generally were considered unable to kill humans, but very able to trick them into falling off cliffs or that sort of thing. Hard-training monks didn't usually get killed by demons, but breaking your leg was just business.)
Articles like this r enviado por Herlinda a las 2014-02-05 15:23:12

Articles like this really grease the shafts of knoelwdge. http://asipev.com [url=http://hirpqahqt.com]hirpqahqt[/url] [link=http://dmokvg.com]dmokvg[/link]
I think that book An enviado por Open a las 2014-02-07 13:38:39

I think that book Angels and Demons is pretty atrcioous, but then what do I know. But this LCH is great.PS, your book is still not in bookshops, I have given up already. A belated happy mid-autumn fest.
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