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nataku:rockera?? De enviado por Rudyard a las 2014-01-29 17:36:08

nataku:rockera?? De ultima de mcsuia... XD decoraciones rockeras por artistas no existen, cada una es individiaul... adeas eso queda de decoracion de algun musico PIJO, o de algueno para hacerse ver en su piso... pero rockera?? NO
La formula es muy cl enviado por Merve a las 2014-01-30 11:17:56

La formula es muy clara, cuelauiqr banda que deja de pensar en la mfasica y solo se concentra en hablar de dolor, una y otra vez, sin novedad, obviamente se este1 concentrando en el noegocio. No encuentro ningfan talentoso en esta corriente (emo), por lo menos no hoy, y seguramente agregar acordes happy punk a sus letras los llevare1 al exito inmediato, cosa que le sale perfectamente bien al emo y al reggaeton (por nombrar otra moda musical). Por lo que no encuentro diferencia me1s alle1 de un pedal de distorsif3n y ojos sombreados en vez de cadenas y gorras de baseball. Y me refiero a su apariencia, con toda la intencif3n, dado que es una caracteredstica en la que me1s se enfocan (camisetas con craneos cute' a rayas rosadas marca abercrombie de 20 df3lares) y que a diferencia de otras corrientes, la apariencia debereda volverse una consecuencia, no un componente necesario.El emo, no es nuevo, pero como sucede con todo lo ochentero tiende a ponerse de moda, con nuevas variantes que en este caso disminuyen la calidad, de un ge9nero que ya de entrada ha sido muy difedcil de aceptar entre los que crecieron escuchando rock un poco (mucho) menos sufrido y obviamente hay muchos chavos que no lo conocedan e inmediatamente se ven atrapados con las bandas emo de mtv con las que, creen que se identifican y luego cuando los ves en una entrevista, resulta que son menos aute9nticos que la carne de un McDonald's.Ased que en mi opinif3n, el emo, es una moda me1s que podreda acabar (aunque nadie sabe) cuando en 10 af1os se empiecen a revivir exitos de Madonna interpretados por HeavyMetaleros justo como pasf3 ace1 con Timbiriche y Moderatto.Saludos, muy buen post.
I have had type 11 d enviado por Hong a las 2014-01-31 15:43:05

I have had type 11 diabetes for 18 years and take insluinm Humalog (sliding scale) and Lantus at night. My A1C is 8.7. I have a very difficult time keeping my diabetes in control. I can eat the same meal at dinner, the next evening the same and my blood sugar counts are different. I do ride an incumbent bike 30 minutes, 5 days a week. I have had a mild heart attack and 2 stents, plus I am noticing my memory and forgetfullness is more enhanced. I am not a good cook and have a difficult time finding simple recipes for diabetics. I do see an endocrinologist, RN educator and a dietician but some of the suggestions from the dietician and the educator are confusing and hard to follow. Does anyone have any suggestions/advice for me with my out of control diabetes? I am exasperated and need help with understandable advice to follow and easy recipes for lunch and dinner and what type of snacks in-between meals. Thankyou.
Hi Brittany I stum enviado por Anton a las 2014-02-01 00:03:57

Hi Brittany I stumbled acsors your blog/Twitter account somehow through another AP staffer, and I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. We have a lot of common, as I think we graduated around the same time, we have similar taste in music (I also grew up reading AP my first issue at Good Charlotte on it!) and I am currently struggling to a find full-time journalism job. So I find a lot to relate to in your blog.Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your posts and style of writing. Hopefully this doesn't come acsors as creepy I know I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to read my blog, so I wanted to let you know. Congrats on your new job and good luck!Chrisanne
They arent copying y enviado por Serhat a las 2014-02-01 12:03:57

They arent copying your posts, they are using an Auto-Blog scpirt, that uses your blogs RSS feed and resposts content. if they link back to your original article (like they are suppoesed to), you shouldnt have a problem with it. It will get you traffic. But if they dont, email them and tell them to either link back or you will contact their web host to have the website removed.
kai afoumilate gia o enviado por Mark a las 2014-02-01 15:38:41

kai afoumilate gia oreiniko sinema kai oneira as afisoume ta klise twn waking life h tou scanner darkly kai deite to stalker tou tarkovsky, to Mother and Son tou Sokurov. To mulholland drive pou kanei kritikh sto hollywood timontas omws tis hollywoodianes tainies pou den htan ths sxolhs bruckeheimer kai Michael Bay alla tou kalou amerikanikou kinhmatografou pou o kosmos exei mperdepsei me ton Bush, tis vomves kai to anousio uper8eama tupou avatar
lol!!!!sopa kale. po enviado por Norman a las 2014-02-01 21:20:22

lol!!!!sopa kale. poia symferonta to eteatalmvonkei kai mas fovizoun me apeiles? to thelhma tou kanoun.eironika milao bebaia. Alla ti tha ginei me auth thn katastash? exei gemisei o kosmos psihika diataragmenous epeidh kapoioi dithen tou theou, apofasizoun gia ekeinon, alla kai gia thn moira ton psihon tou kosmou. Les kai o theos einai aboulos, kai perimenei apo autous. Tous lypame. Den exoun xara mesa tous kai thn klevoun me apeiles kolashs apo allous.O theos na balei to xeri tou. Auto exo na po monaxa.
Avis e0 tous les int enviado por Mel a las 2014-02-02 23:49:18

Avis e0 tous les inte9resse9s, En audition avec Simon sera de retuor pour la 3e saison. On pourra aussi visionner en rattrapage une grande majorite9 des nouveaute9s de la saison 2011-2012, tel que Les boys, La gale8re, Mauvais karma, Mirador, Les Parent, Les rescape9s, Tout sur moi et Trauma.
Et oui Isabelle, je enviado por JesSiika a las 2014-02-02 23:52:08

Et oui Isabelle, je fais partie de ces staiqstitues qui regardent Tou.tv n'importe of9! Je suis vraiment enchante9e! C'est 100x mieux que d’enregistrer les e9missions.. et oublier de les regarder! Les voir quand on veut, qu'en on y pense et c'est toujours disponible! Vive la technologie!
Vintage Cowgirl - Ma enviado por Kelly a las 2014-02-03 13:28:05

Vintage Cowgirl - Mallory,He is absolutely pieorcus! You have to take the chance and kiss those little lips. Whether it startles him for a moment or not. Those little lips will not be so little and so still for much longer. I love checking in for new pictures of Kai on your page and to see how you and your little family is doing. I know you and your hubby bless my sister and her hubby with so much love through your friendship, and for that I am greatly appreciative!Keep the pictures coming, and hopefully one day soon we can ask you to bless my little family with pieorcus memories of family with your photography as well. God Bless,Amy Chisum(proud to be known as Mandy Nabor's sister)
to me that a Zune I enviado por Eunju a las 2014-02-03 20:33:43

to me that a Zune I buy today is only as survivable as the next goofy deisoicn out of Microsoft executive-dom. Meanwhile, my three year-old iPod continues to work wonderfully with the latest iTunes, and its dock form factor continues to be supported by peripheral/add-on manufacturers.So what if Zunes have an FM tuner? At the same price as an iPod, I'll go with the company I know won't throw my player or software or plug under the bus when the "strategic plan" shambles in a different direction. And if I want cheaper, there are lots of players out there that are better, smaller, cooler, and "just work".And now that Amazon is blazing the DRM-free trail, I hope that both MS and Apple get severely dinged since both companies' DRM is unbelievably annoying. I'm thinking back to one experience with WMP and Yahoo Music... gave up after hours downloading codecs, licenses, etc. (on a fully patched, clean XPSP2 machine), tried iPod next, "just worked..." Aaahh... Now if Amazon can make it "just work" without the DRM, bingo, they get my money and Sandisk or whomever makes a straight MP3 player gets my money and I'll use iTunes as a media library, or maybe even go back to WMP9 or WMP10.(By the way, WHY is Microsoft so obsessed with forcing exactly one version of the browser, media player, etc. on a machine? Over in dev-land all we hear is about how nicely parallel installs of different versions work...)
Looks like Bungie ha enviado por Sara a las 2014-02-04 01:58:36

Looks like Bungie has left the buildingIf true, I woudln't be at all surprised.Friends of mine in Xbox were saying years ago that the remaining founders of Bungie were planning to split after Halo 2 (this was in early 2003 or so, about two years before Halo 2 actually shipped).Obviously someone opened up the Brinx truck and offered them a blank check to not end the storyline with Halo 2 and stick around for one more outing so they'd have that hook to sell the 360. Looks like they only managed to delay the inevitable for three years.Which again makes you wonder how much of that $170 million first-day revenue is being eaten up by our costs. Aside from the "retainer" to the higher-ups in Bungie, they also got themselves put up in new digs in Kirkland which probably cost quite a bit more than the old offices at Millennium (where it's not like they were running out of space - one benefit of the RIFerator was that there's been no crunch for office space at Millennium in years).Oh yeah, and about that $170 million revenue - that's not even Microsoft's total revenue. Your EBgames and Best Buys still get to subtract their cut before Microsoft sees a dime. I know that's probably only a buck or three, but still... anyone know for sure?
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