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MOD. 1FA115, 1FFS10DG, D211, FA1115, FA1142.

C.O. F26K001A9

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waterfires enviado por Karen a las 2014-01-27 17:47:16

waterfires Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - 2:59 am I support reanntiig as much of the nutrients in whole foods as possible. I am perplexed that as a nutritionist you use table salt in your recipes which undermines any food as it is the reason for dis-ease. Sea salt conversely (and which is no longer pricy ) is a balanced salt which when used moderately is healthy and nutritious as well.
Hi Karen - lol. I pr enviado por Jose a las 2014-01-28 12:41:22

Hi Karen - lol. I prefer to call it the "organic pesnaat" look! I think being lazy and hungry has a lot to do with it too!Hi Donina - Ha, I love your disclaimer. My sister actually uses this brand and I was quite impressed with it. I like all the locking functions!Hi Gourmantic - I think the pressure cookers of today are a lot more reliable and less dangerous. I love my microwave for reheating and cooking veggies, but I'm still not so keen on cooking meat or baking in the microwave :)Hi Peter G - And the 70s are back in, baby! lol. I think there has been a bit of a revival with pressure cookers and given their time reduction factor, I think I'm converted. Hi Pickles - I found each pressure cooker came with its own mini recipe book and using their time recommendations, you can pretty much adapt any recipe that requires stewing, boiling or simmering. I think they're a great time-saver, and there are quite a few recipes online too.Hi 2-Minute Noodle Cook - Hmm I've never had a bitterness problem with Guinness - usually there's just a mushroomy base note? But substitute with whatever works, I say!Hi 12ontheinside - Mmm oysters sound tasty. Must look up the recipe - thanks for the tip!Hi Veruca Salt - lol. I don't know what we were thinking! The pressure cook is so fast and convenient.Hi Kruppy - Ooh lucky gf :) I'm sure she'll enjoy it!Hi James M - Aww thanks :) And I love my gai lan. Not quite Irish, but yeah, I like the sound of "regional touch". lol.Hi Stephcookie - The slow way works just as well :) And whenever I had a dinner party, I usually pick recipes I can prepare in advance. Much easier!Hi Yas - I didn't even think that some people wouldn't know what Guinness was!And lol, I bet Matt would love you. Put that chip crusted chicken in front of him and I can just imagine his eyes lighting up with glee! lolHi Howard - It's great. I really must use it more often. I'm also quite intrigued by people talking of using pressure cookers to make red bean soup. There are actually lots of recipes I think you could adapt that would be perfect in spring/summer too.
Lucy S - looks excel enviado por Bart a las 2014-01-30 13:46:24

Lucy S - looks excellent Jenn! I saw the stuff at the farm and was very ineguritd as to what you would do with it. But Cudo's, it all looks great.Can't wait for you to see our new house, we decided to change our photo wall from blk/wht to colour, Dawn gave us 2 Sid Dickens plaques for xmas and it totally changed the whole feel of the kitchen, so everything else had to adapt.Excited to get some pics from you :)*Hug the kiddo's for me & uncle Ty*January 10, 2012 2:54 pm
no doubt about it th enviado por Nafees a las 2014-01-31 11:49:32

no doubt about it this is serious BBQ! Best I've had oudtsie of Texas! And the only good brisket I've had oudtsie of San Antonio. A little bit of BBQ heaven in Leesburg.
That's a posting ful enviado por Lorren a las 2014-02-01 08:20:40

That's a posting full of insghit!
Fantastic Site F*cki enviado por Wilver a las 2014-02-01 21:35:56

Fantastic Site F*ckin’ terrific fotacrs utilizing this sort of posting. I’m surprisingly thankful to understand ones write-up. Appreciate the belief that lots alongside i m wanting regarding title people. Would you would such as please minimized everybody any recor
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